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Fibromyalgia Patients Find Relief From Oral THC Treatment, Study Shows

Patients suffering from a condition characterized by pain and fatigue could find relief in the form of oral THC treatment, according to newly published research.  The study, published in the German medical journal Schmerz and conducted by German researchers, provided “indications that THC can be considered as a medical alternative in addition to the substances […]

Surf’s Up! Uruguayan Authorities Find Cocaine Smuggled Inside Surfboards

Law enforcement officials in Uruguay last week said they busted an international drug ring that had a gnarly way of smuggling its contraband: inside surfboards.  The BBC reports that Uruguayan police have arrested three Italians with the “help from counter-narcotics police in Spain, Portugal and Italy.”  “Sniffer dogs had alerted officers in Uruguay to six […]

Researchers Find CBD-Like Compound in South American Shrub

Another active compound researchers are calling a cannabinoid has been discovered in another plant species that grows wild like a weed all over Brazil, further showing that cannabis compound properties are not entirely unique to one species. After finding cannabinoid-like compounds in several other plants beyond cannabis, the most recent being a psychoactive THC-like compound […]

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