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Ketamine Therapy Offered as Employee Health Benefit Nationwide

A national provider of workplace insurance for psychedelic therapy recently partnered with two new companies to expand their network and offer ketamine-assisted therapy as a health benefit nationwide. “Nationwide availability represents a pivotal moment in accomplishing Enthea’s mission of helping employers with workplace mental health challenges,” said Sherry Rais, chief executive officer and co-founder of […]

Psychedelic Users Are Taking the Drugs for Therapy, But Not Discussing With Doctors

According to a recently published survey in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, people in Canada are using psychedelics for therapy, but not telling their doctors. “Naturalistic psychedelic use among Canadians is common,” the researchers wrote in the survey’s abstract. “However, interactions about psychedelic use between patients and clinicians in Canada remain unclear.” Using responses generated […]

First-Ever Study on Psilocybin Therapy for Gambling Addiction To Launch This Fall

Psilocybin therapy to treat addiction is far from a new topic, as a number of recent studies have noted that the emerging psychedelic treatment could help folks struggling with substance use disorders including alcohol and nicotine addiction. The compound comes from the aptly named “magic” mushrooms, and we’re continuing to uncover its broad potential in […]

Groups Team Up To Publish First Guidelines for Psychedelic Therapy

The American Psychedelic Practitioners Association and the nonprofit BrainFutures teamed up to release what they describe as the “first Professional Practice Guidelines for Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy.”  (The APPA bills itself as “the national home for the diverse community of psychedelic practitioners” with a “mandate … to safely integrate psychedelic-assisted therapy into the US healthcare system”; BrainFutures, […]

Doctors To Begin Trial For Psilocybin Therapy To Treat Cancer-Related Anxiety, Depression

The mental toll from a cancer diagnosis can be as debilitating as the disease itself. A group of medical doctors from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston will soon explore a psychedelic remedy for the trauma. The doctors, writing in a commentary published this month by International Journal of Gynecological Cancer, […]

Australia Becomes First Country to Authorize Psilocybin, MDMA Therapy

The Land Down Under made a historic move over the weekend, though some experts are cautious as to how exactly the major change will fully pan out. Australia became the first country in the world to authorize psilocybin and MDMA use through a doctor’s prescription to treat psychiatric conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and […]

New Poll Shows 61% of Americans Support Legalizing Psychedelic Therapy

A poll from the University of California, Berkeley Center for the Science of Psychedelics (BCSP) shows new data regarding American support of legal psychedelic therapy. The poll results were published online on June 20 in what the university calls the “first-ever Berkeley Survey,” which was also presented at the Psychedelic Science 2023 Conference in Denver, […]

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