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Con Artist Invented Fictional Pot Businesses, Hemp Farm To Scam Over $18M

A handful of CBD and cannabis companies turned out to be figments of the imagination as a con artist successfully duped investor after investor, but his conning spree has come to an end. A California man pleaded guilty April 5 to a slew of federal criminal charges for swindling investors out of $18.4 million. He […]

Lane Moore’s Love for Tinder and Pot Has Led To This

Dating apps have a love/hate relationship with much of the public. Tinder, one of the OG smartphone dating apps, remains heavily used, generating hefty frustration among much of its user base. Comedian, writer, actor, and musician Lane Moore has been there for much of the ride, often guided by an interactive audience.  Moore is the […]

New York Bill Would Revoke Illicit Pot Shops Liquor, Tobacco Licenses

A New York state lawmaker is proposing legislation that would give regulators the authority to revoke the liquor, lottery and tobacco retailer licenses from stores that sell weed without a license. If passed, the legislation would go into effect immediately, giving officials new tools to combat the illicit pot shops that have proliferated since the […]

Pew Survey Finds 9 in 10 Americans Support Pot Legalization

Thinking back just 10 years ago, the previous U.S. cannabis landscape stood in stark contrast to the one we enjoy today. The United States currently has 38 states with legal medical or recreational cannabis, with 74% of Americans living in a legal cannabis state and 79% living in a county with at least one cannabis […]

Restaurant Denies Service to Rapper for Smelling Like Pot, Sparking National Debate in South Africa

Should restaurant patrons who smell like weed be denied service at a restaurant? That’s the question South Africans are asking after one of the country’s top rappers was denied service along with two friends.  South African rapper Emtee was denied service, along with two fellow rappers, from a branch of Mike’s Kitchen in Johannesburg, South […]

In State of the Union Address, Biden Vows to Review Federal Reclassification of Pot

President Joe Biden issued his State of the Union address on Thursday, March 7, and among many topics, he said he’ll direct his Cabinet to consider reclassifying cannabis at the federal level. It’s the first time that a president of the United States addressed cannabis reform as part of his State of the Union address. […]

Thailand Health Official Says New Recreational Pot Ban Will Go Into Effect This Year

Thailand will ban the recreational use of cannabis by the end of 2024, the country’s health minister told Reuters last week. The Southeast Asian nation legalized recreational cannabis for adults in 2022, but the country is now walking back legalization following a change in government leadership. Thailand has been a leader in cannabis policy reform […]

Are Social Media Giants Like Google & Meta Helping Illicit Pot Shops In New York? Some Cannabis Advocates Say Yes – Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOG), Meta Platforms (NASDAQ:META)

The owners of legal cannabis shops in New York are asking authorities to look into social media companies and tech giants they claim are making it possible for their unlicensed competitors to promote their illicit businesses. To that end, they’re calling on Gov. Kathy Hochul to take action against companies such as Google GOOG and […]

New Hampshire House Advances Recreational Pot Legalization Bill

The New Hampshire House of Representatives last week approved a bill to legalize recreational marijuana as lawmakers revisit the issue of cannabis policy reform for the Granite State. The measure, House Bill 1633 (HB1633), was passed by the full House on Thursday by a vote of 239-14, although legislators who back cannabis legalization efforts offered […]

Utah Bill Targets Cities That Refuse To Recognize Medical Pot

Two influential Utah state lawmakers have joined forces to advance legislation that would cut funding to cities that refuse to recognize medical marijuana as a legitimate medical therapy.  Utah voters approved the medical use of cannabis in a 2018 ballot measure that passed with nearly 53% of the vote. Following the passage of the initiative, […]

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