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Cannabis Boom: U.S. Leads World With 54M Consumers As Seniors, Not Youth, Drive Growth

Cannabis holds the dubious title as the most widely used illicit substance in the world, with about 219 million partaking in its use as of 2021. This prevalence is notably high in the U.S. where 52 million people self-identify as consumers, including teens and  their grandparents. Teenagers: Who’s Doing What? Anti-cannabis legislators, such as Ohio Governor Mike DeWine (R) […]

India Carves Out Its Own Lane in the Shroom Boom

The first mushroom festival in India took place September 15-18 in the verdant and fungally diverse tropical forests of Wayanad in the southern state of Kerala. The inaugural Shroom Sabha attracted mycophiles from all corners of the subcontinent, and struck an acute balance between professionalism and playfulness that brought out the best of each quality.  […]

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