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Colombia Breaks Coca Cultivation Record, UN Report Finds

Colombia broke a new record for cultivating the coca leaf, the plant used to make cocaine, according to a United Nations report. The process involves extracting alkaloids from the leaves using solvents like gasoline. This crude extract turns into a coca base by mixing it with alkaline solutions. Then, with a bit of further refinement, […]

Ballot Initiative Could Crush Cannabis Cultivation in Humboldt

Small farmers in California’s famed Emerald Triangle are uniting to defeat a ballot initiative that could devastate what remains of the cannabis industry in Humboldt County. The proposal known as the Humboldt Cannabis Reform Initiative (HCRI) is a 38-page document that, if passed, would establish an effective ban on any changes to existing farms of […]

Chadivation or Cultivation? | High Times

In this epic issue of High Times devoted to one of the biggest questions facing the cannabis industry today, legacy vs. legal, is legalization working? I feel like I’m in a unique position to tackle this query. Having been in the industry for almost 30 years I’ve had the chance to observe it through its […]

Connecticut To Launch Legal Home Cultivation This Weekend

Adults in Connecticut will be able to start growing their own weed beginning this weekend as the state’s law permitting home cannabis cultivation goes into effect. Connecticut legalized recreational marijuana two years ago, leading to the launch of regulated sales of adult-use cannabis earlier this year. On Tuesday, officials with the Connecticut Department of Consumer […]

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