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New York Regulators To Vote on Proposed Weed Home Cultivation Rules

New York State cannabis regulators are set to vote on proposed rules to govern home marijuana cultivation. If the draft regulations are approved, New Yorkers will be permitted to grow up to 12 cannabis plants at home, subject to some conditions and limitations. The  New York Cannabis Control Board was initially scheduled to vote on […]

Two Navajo Tribe Members Charged for Operating Illegal Cannabis Cultivation in New Mexico

Two members of the Navajo Nation were charged by tribal prosecutors on Jan. 4 for illegal cultivation of cannabis on tribal land. According to the Navajo-Hopi Observer, which covered the news on Jan. 9, the case involved Dineh Benally (described as a person of business) and Farley BlueEyes (a farmer) who operated a grow operation […]

Rhode Island Bill Would Allow Psilocybin Cultivation, Possession Under 1 Ounce

Several states across the U.S. are forging ahead with their respective psilocybin reform programs, largely embracing policy changes around possession and cultivation while working to implement therapeutic practices involving the “magic mushroom” compound.  And kicking off the new year, more states are looking to join those ranks. Most recently, Rhode Island Rep. Brandon Potter (D) […]

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