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Green Wednesday Adult-Use Cannabis Surpassed $9 Million in Sales

The day before Thanksgiving, often referred to as “Green Wednesday” in the cannabis industry, saw a record number of sales once again. According to data collected by Jane Technologies, recreational sales on Nov. 22 reached $9,209,061.73—an 18.12% increase from Green Friday sales data in 2022, which landed at $7,795,803,80 last year. Adult-use cannabis sales on […]

Jon’s Stone-Cold Cop List #44: Green Everyday

It may be the first week off I’ve had in ages, but you know I couldn’t let another month close without dropping you a new list of heat to acquire. I know last week was all about supposed deals amidst all the stuff we’re already thankful for, but the good news is over here life’s […]

Green Wednesday Delights: Your Ultimate Thanksgiving Cannabis Gift Guide

Get ready to elevate your Thanksgiving experience with a dash of Green Wednesday excitement – the cannabis community’s second most significant holiday, right after the iconic 4/20. As we gear up for the traditional festivities, let’s explore the latest cannabis products that are not only perfect for gifting but also for your own culinary enjoyment. See […]

Pillars of Green Enterprise: Aaron Clay Talks Diversification, Education, and Community

For the people who watch his Grower’s Tip of the Day video on social media, Aaron Clay has been an invaluable font of wisdom — and practical advice — for all things cannabis. The proprietor of the Flowers Cannabis Company has been making these short reels daily for the past three years, sharing selflessly what […]

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