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Mexican Navy Seizes More Than Four Tons of Cocaine After High-Speed Chase at Sea

Dramatic new footage released by Mexico’s Navy shows officers carrying out a major drug bust after a high-speed chase at sea. The footage, which has been widely reported on in the media, depicts a pair of operations carried out by the Navy; in one, an officer can be seen descending from an overhead helicopter to […]

Report Highlights How Cocaine Trade Has Swarmed Peru’s Indigenous Territory

An engrossing new story published on Tuesday sheds light on the impact of Peru’s exploding cocaine trade on the country’s Indigenous people.  The story, published by Al Jazeera, opens with Fernando Aroni, a 41-year-old leader of a village of Amahuaca people, one of the Indigenous tribes in the Amazon Basin of Peru, arriving by canoe […]

Coast Guard Seizes 223 Pounds of Cocaine From Boat Headed Towards Long Beach

It’s never a happy ending if you’re a Columbian drug smuggler and your boat breaks down. The feds seized 223 pounds of cocaine and arrested two people headed toward Long Beach after their ship became disabled, FOX11 Los Angeles reports.  The panga-style vessel, an open and outboard-powered fishing boat commonly used in the developing world, […]

U.S. Secret Service Investigating Cocaine Reportedly Found in White House

The White House is putting a new meaning to its name. A white substance found in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue reportedly tested positive for cocaine, according to a preliminary field test, The Guardian reports. From fast food chain bathrooms to childhood bedrooms over Christmas, the infamous “white powder” (and we’re not talking about snow) tends to […]

Surf’s Up! Uruguayan Authorities Find Cocaine Smuggled Inside Surfboards

Law enforcement officials in Uruguay last week said they busted an international drug ring that had a gnarly way of smuggling its contraband: inside surfboards.  The BBC reports that Uruguayan police have arrested three Italians with the “help from counter-narcotics police in Spain, Portugal and Italy.”  “Sniffer dogs had alerted officers in Uruguay to six […]

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