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South African Police Won’t Arrest You for Growing Weed in Your House (Or Your Car)

The South African Police Service has confirmed that they will no longer be bothering to arrest anybody for personal-use cultivation or possession of cannabis. “In short, possession, use and cultivation of cannabis by an adult, for personal consumption, in private, is permitted. In contrast, dealing in cannabis is not permitted, therefore commercialization of cannabis is […]

South Dakota’s Medical Cannabis Program Shatters Projections

The South Dakota Department of Health has issued roughly 11,500 cards since the medical marijuana program launched in 2021––shattering the department’s projections of 6,000 cards issued by 2024.  “We’ve doubled the amount that we were projecting to see in three years within two years,” said Jennifer Seale, the administrator of South Dakota’s medical cannabis program, […]

Cannabeginners: How To Legally Use Cannabis In South Africa

Cannabis is known by different names around the world; in South Africa, it is most commonly referred to as “dagga” (in Afrikaans) or “umthunzi wez’nkukhu” (in Zulu), which translates to “chicken shade.” While South Africa, like Japan, has a long history of cannabis cultivation, cannabis is not yet fully legal for adult use, but is […]

South Dakota Police Commission Approves Officer Applicants with Cannabis Records

Recently in South Dakota, two law enforcement officers were forgiven by the South Dakota Law Enforcement Officers Standards Commission for cannabis use. According to the South Dakota Searchlight, the commission made decisions on more than a dozen pending certifications and recertifications, of “officers, canine units, and reciprocity for out-of-state or Indian Country officers seeking state […]

South Dakota Industrial Hemp Conference & Facility Tour

On August 4th and 5th, Complete Hemp Processing in Winfred, South Dakota, will host its first industrial hemp conference, workshop and facility tour.  This is the ‘Official Ribbon Cutting’ for South Dakota’s first decortication facility.  For early ticket registration and additional information, please visit the event page HERE. Let’s Talk Hemp had the pleasure to […]

Researchers Find CBD-Like Compound in South American Shrub

Another active compound researchers are calling a cannabinoid has been discovered in another plant species that grows wild like a weed all over Brazil, further showing that cannabis compound properties are not entirely unique to one species. After finding cannabinoid-like compounds in several other plants beyond cannabis, the most recent being a psychoactive THC-like compound […]

South Dakota Anti-Pot Lawmaker Gets Medical Weed Card to Test System

Longtime pot opponent South Dakota State Representative Fred Deutsch (R-Florence) repeatedly worked hard to narrow the state’s medical cannabis system as much as possible, and now aims to test the system after getting a card himself.  Who is this guy? Deutsch urged his fellow representatives to vote against a bill adding several qualifying conditions to […]

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